Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nokia Lumia 720 vs 820?

My personal thoughts?

The model number of Lumia 820 and 720 really speaks for itself. 820 is indeed a higher model. Why? CPU!

I tested the Lumia 720 and my immediate disappointment is the speed especially navigating and loading apps which is really pretty close to my good old HD7 than on my Lumia 920.

Ram not so much but 1.5ghz cpu of Lumia 820 is really something to consider. Plus the better CPU really makes Windows Phone OS a more fluid experience than any other mobile OS to date... yes even mentioning iOS, Android and BB10.

Gorilla glass 2? -- pure marketing. I dropped my HD7 for God knows how many times yet still no scratches on the screen. It's not even a Gorilla glass unlike the Mozart. You may have to do some serious effort to damage the HD7 screen. All glass still breaks!

Better aperture camera / lowlight capabilities? -- doesn't really makes a difference since they both don't have image stabilization. Better know your camera phone settings and utilize exposure compensation and ISO (Photographer's perspective).

You may consider larger battery capacity of Lumia 720 but in reality this is really not a problem. With my previous HTC HD7 that have very low capacity, I always brought my USB cables with me so I can plug it in the office, car, or even brought extra battery or backup hi-mAh battery charger... but you can't do anything like overclocking the CPU to increase the performance experience.

If you can get 820 I would think it's a better choice. That's why I recommend Lumia 820 to my wife and she really can't get enough of it!

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