Monday, October 24, 2005

Last week's acheivements

nothing! idunno why but last week is sooo damn boring. watching tv while working, playing guitar while eating, downloading while sleeping... hehehe.

on programming side, i tried experimenting on smartphone homescreen window handler to prove something that might work... partly yes and even cool ideas came up. but not close enough from results im expecting to.

got my dsl 256kbps connection last week... not really that exited, i'm not a big fan of downloading stuffs. mostly on playing q3 and uo online, great thing for me is voice conferencing which is really much stable obviously than dialup conn.

on my guitar; i thightened the spring, lowered the string distance and bought california fender cable. im started to think of having an ibanez rg550 guitar someday.

little bro 'kevin' with my parents are now at baltimore maryland usa. staying at my sister's apartment for almost 2 weeks already and very soon (hopefully) to get his checkup/treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital. there are few paper works left and im not sure what it is but i'm sure not a problem.

oh well time for bed... bukas hanap ako isaw!!


Friday, October 14, 2005

first post...

my first post? not really...

previous blog:

they de-activate my account for not posting too long?!?! sorry i'm lazy enough to email the admin and re-activate my account. i think they redesign the site too much that makes it bloated... anyway i had fun posting at thespoke, lots of really nice people.

oh well... this will be fun! see you on my next post.