Tuesday, October 17, 2006

birthday thing... y'know

i just replaced my chat box to yellbox(.com). i'm not sure if tag-board.com if still alive but anyway i'm not goin to use that anymore. yellchat is good enough for my blog plus it's very simple.

who's birthday is it today?... me. happy birthday to me! :D hmm rainny day and loads of work... idunno today is just soo boring.

thanks to those who greets and those who forgot my birthday and also to those who don't care. hehehe peace :-)

edit: i got this surprise birthday cake in the office this afternoon, yeah was surprise indeed. big thanks to verifone guys for the cake, pics, everything. this year beats last year's birthday heheheh.

archie, thanks for the pics!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

new game plan... sound programming?

i decided to stop workin on AI for a while. for some reason i think i already know the basic theory how you implement it into your engine (ok fsm and stimuli probably). anyway for the last few weeks i've been playing my game with diablo2 soundtracks of Matt Uelmen (on winamp) and it realy came out good and the only thing missing is the sounds. then i realize based on what i saw in the net... sound programming should be easier than any of the modules in game development.

so instead i will just start studying the basics of sound programming using OpenAL with OGG Vorbis and my only goal is my engine to at least play stereo music and play mono sound streams that can change position.

...and after that i will jump back to scripting, AI and sounds should work cooperatively on scripts.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

game engine: AI (Deterministic Algorithm) - Random Motion

no big surprises, i just add another character WANDERING state if in boredom or no evading is involve. anyway check those minotaurs wander around the maps. yeah you wonder why it's slow / low fps, yes my code is not optimize yet plus my laptop's vc sucks. check the screenshots...

i spawned 10 creatures and works pretty well.

next stop, EVADING state most probably, if detected in line of sight and in distance then boom! creature will attack you... classic diablo hehehe.