Sunday, July 30, 2006

game engine: updates as for July30'06

here is my updates so far which includes character mounting and pathfinding. plus, i just bought gems 2 & 3 and got it discounted from macromind megamall, thanks guys!

anyway here is the list...

- Mersenne Twister Randomizer.
- Object manager.
   + Object Nodes.
   + Collision detection.
   + Fast Ray Picking.
   + Mount handling.
- Lua script test.
- Screenshot path.
- Texture Manager.
- DirectX File Mesh Loader.
   + Texture Path.
   + Optimizer and Cleaning.
- Navigation Mesh
   + A* Pathfinding.
   + Smoothing.

and some screenshot...


navigation mesh pathfinding - wireframe rendering.

navigation mesh pathfinding - solid rendering.

next stop i'm not sure yet but on top of my mind right now is encounter/enemy and battle sequence... ciao

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

rainny week

so is it sunny now? i'm now looking outside and still dark :-(

office: it's been so boring yet somehow i still manage to finish work (yeah right). idunno but i think i've been affected by the weather... kinda want to sleep the whole time.

family: yes, good news for me... my sister(maryland) is goin to visit us on aug 5. she's goin to attend her friend's wedding.

...ok now i see rain showers wind s@#$% and more darker. i thought it's getting sunny already!

game engine: i did manage to work on navigation mesh pathfinding. basically i added AI to my game =D. i need to sleep.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

200gig sata hd

well i bought this a week ago already. but anyway it's seagate 200gig sata. this gives me 24hrs waste of time just trying to make this thing work >:( ...and found out that it's all about SATA2 specification speed. i never thought about SATA jumper settings to downclock something the speed (3.0g/s -> 1.5g/s).

now my pc is happy again. if you ask... before, im only using 40gig and 20gig hdd.


off topic: i'm almost done with my next game engine update including character mounting/riding horses and few others :P