Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reviving Natalie Part 2

My computer is not working for more than a month now then I always brought the hp laptop from work with me on weekends. Kinda start getting lazy... so I decided to waste time fixing my computer. Bought a new casing, a new 250gb drive, and a keyboard!

Why part 2: reviving natalie (part 1)

Anyway, there is no good reason yet for upgrading my computer now. First I believe P4 with 2gb of ram and nvidia 6600 will suffice for my everyday use. I do used to code most of the time than playing games while on my computer y'know. Second, it's tooooo damn expensive just imagine replacing the motherboard, cpu, ram, casing, and powersupply. Third, I don't spend much time now on my computer I just track my downloads and go out most of the time. Ok now some of you might just wonder - I never get Idled at YM... well I simply and always disable the idle timer and keep my downloads up.

Sorry no pictures this moment.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sound trip #1

This is what I'm always playing while driving on my way home... damn I love this song. I tend to ignore the lyrics/vocals most of the time, and listen only music instruments first esp drums and guitar... yep that's me. Anyway I just read/sang the whole lyrics, very nice!. This song is so cool that if I have a chance to form a band, this is the type of music I want - of course as of now hehehe.

Just updated my "Mood Music" category, enjoy listening if its still in there.

Pardini Lou - What Might Have Been

Somewhere, lost in the wind
I'm watching you
Sunlight touching your hair
And I remember
Somehow, we said that we would never stray
But somehow we lost our way
Promises too often spoken
Are easily broken apart

I'm ready this time
I know that I'm no longer undecided
Don't wanna be
A fool wondering what might have been

Trace of forever lingering
Drawing me closer to you
A new beginning
Now I know
There is no doubt I understand
Just how fragile love can be
I can't forget
Your mem'ry found me
Now I know where I belong

I'm ready this time
I know that I'm no longer undecided
Don't wanna be a fool wondering
What might have been
Through every day, into the night
With only love to guide us
I'm ready to go, coz I've got to know
What might have been
Let the lovin' decide, I can't run, I can't hide

I want you to know
My heart will show that I'm ready this time
I know that I'm no longer undecided
Don't wanna be, a fool wondering what might have been
I've searched everywhere, and nothing compares
When we've got love to guide us
I'm ready to go, coz I wanna know what might have been
I'm wondering what might have been
We're gonna find what might have been
Oh I wanna know what might have been

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy? Halloween

This holiday becomes emotional to us. We (our family) visit our brother's grave (nov1) and stayed there for few hours, made a great chat, yes we had fun, on that same time my sister's surprise call comming from U.S., and the best thing is I know my bro is there and happy. Then we came back the next morning (nov2).

Before I'm demotivated... I guess it will better if I stop playin guitar, gamedev projects, sidelines, blogging "for a while" and focus things like my health, my job and my mom.

Now I want to do things again. Maybe start cleaning my guitar? upgrade my pc to start coding again?


Anyway I would like to say thanks to those who greets me on my birthday: my family of course, pau! :), mshel (advance pa), jojo, eya, carol, then sa mga pahabol hehehe! pier, dss dudlers, gene, mia, karla, and rye, etc.. Onti ba? I actually forgot or accidentally turn-off my birthday notification on my friendster hehehe - turns out marami naka depende na sa prenster nu ba yun!