Friday, September 16, 2011

My next game... Battlefield 3

After I finished Battlefield Bad Company 2 game, I can say it was the best game ever. I was a big fan of that game. It was like more than a year ago that I told myself that my PC should be ready for their next game.

I saw many games that was released after but I wasn't impressed with the gameplay... and probably won't run playable on my PC (Crysis2).

I actually stopped playing for over a year and never tried any fps games. I was busy trying new things.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Accelerometer with Windows Phone's SDK 7.1 - Mango

I've been trying out Accelerometer in Non-Mango or Nodo sdk version but it's nearly impossible to test it without using your actual device. Now with the release of Mango SDK, they finally added accelerometer in the emulator. I'm quite amaze how easy to code and use it on the emulator... why would Microsoft took so long to develop/release this such useful feature?

Anyway, the moment I test it I immediately integrate the Accelerometer in my engine.

    device.AcceleratorActive = true;
    foreach (SphereObject obj in listBalls)
        obj.Force += device.AcceleratorReading * 50.0f;

There are so many new features in Mango SDK update that I wanted to try out but I'm more exited with Sockets... here's my rant before: Programming Sockets with Windows Phone 7