Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My new graphic 'wrapper'

Presenting my new wrapper! well not engine really, more of like direct3d wrapper :( hehehe!. Anyway this 'wrapper' can do 2D and 3D and mix at the same time - gui 2D using orthographic projection. This is still a prototype, but the 2D side seems to be good enough to create a simple casual game. This is actually a code re-write from my previous game engine. Some of the codes will still be used and planning to recode most of the graphic part for shader aproach. Everything still goes into plan. Here are the pics... :D

2D (shooter demo)
3D (box on grid)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Things to do:

Lot of things happens to me this past few weeks... bad and good (most of it). Nothing's changed by the way, I still love what I do.

Here are some stuff that I need to get things done before I sleep...

1. Backup; I have 4 partitions on my 200gb drive and all of them has an average of only 500mb of disk space.
2. Directx SDK (August2007) Install; Yes, I will be re-writing my game codes again but this time I will use shader approach. Something that makes me occupied for a while :D
3. Check emails; Work stuff, my new boss(client) is damn workaholic! Also expecting an email from my consultancy job about my pending works (from my other boss ;D shhhh...).
4. Monitor my new PSU voltage rails; google.
5. Clean my room; why?
6. Check stuff that I can sell at
6. Clean my guitars.
7. Hanap makakain. Hanap din mapatugtug.
8. Hanap pwede mapanood habang nag aayos ng kwarto / pwede TV nalang.
...antok na ako.

*slapped his face*

Ok, I'll better get started!