Monday, February 13, 2012

My Game Dev Experience as a Hobby

I got this blogging idea while reading tipidpc forum about game development as someone shared his experience and updates to the forum. I want to reply and share on his post but decided to blog instead.

Anyway since I saw someone use Irrlicht, I remember back in the days I made an mmorpg engine and use irrlicht3d for my test client apps. I actually use this prototype to apply for Anino Entertainment and Flipside Games. Got no luck as they actually looking for a game / renderer opengl direct3d guy that time.

With the failure of getting a gamedev job and using Irrlicht code design, they inspired me to start studying Direct3d and write my own first engine (which Irrlicht design still adapted in my XNA engine).

I start buying gamedev books, start studying on my freetime and become active on some gamedev forums.

With the help of my bro's 3DMax skillz, we were able to create a decent 3D world scene with medieval theme and inspired by Diablo 1&2...

...and also inspired by Ultima Online and WoW's mount

I started to got carried away with my 3d engine before as I get stuck working on visual improvements rather than making a complete game. The code got bloated and lots of trials and errors.

Though it was a huge achievement for me but when someone ask if they could play that game... got no answer :))

So instead I tune-down a bit to 2D, rewrite the engine and focus on other game components to aim to finish a game.

Years wasted? NOT, it's was a great experience and I can get back to 3D anytime I want only if it's the right time.

3D enhanced my math especially trigonometry -- which I should have listen to my trigo instuctor in my highschool days lol.

This time I finally made a simple 2d sprite chat that you can roam with your friends online or via lan. I can probably say it can handle massive 1k+ players but I have no proof... I only have test simulated results.

Anyway, I recently moved to XNA from Direct3d9. It's really nice framework. I know you may hate being stuck at Microsoft platforms but that's my reality. I never dream or wanted to write a game in Linux, Mac or PS3... I just want to write a game in my comfort zone. So PC, Xbox and Windows Phone with XNA it is.

Ported my game engine in a week and successfully wrote my very simple xna game in a week.

Everything is ready except for the following:
- Game interruption management
- Persistent data - Keeping scores, Save game
- Game lobby - multiplayer, chat
- Trial and Full mode

Lesson learned. Should have start from 2D... big chance that you'll never succeed in creating a WOW or Crysis game with having no experience in writing a simple tetris.

Even without having any earnings with this hobby, I won't stop writing and exploring but I'm ALMOST ready to give up my day job if everything goes into plan this year.

Now going back to sleep, still have to few task to finish from my boring work in Ortigas this morning... pffft*

Sorry for my english -- really sleepy

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