Saturday, November 25, 2006

Razer Copperhead Mouse

I had this Razer Copperhead Mouse (Chaos Green) bought last december christmas at singapore and obviously has been overused in games like quake3 and quake4. Last few months the left clicker seems to be worning off.

After confirming via email/web to Razer's tech support if how they can help me fix this stuff and even ask them how to open this thing! then I have been told to ship my broken mouse to Hongkong for replacemant and in just 2 days later without waiting a new razer mouse finally arrived! and this time without "First Edition" label thing. If i broke this one and warranty been voided, i'll probably get another one.

I'm now planning to upgrading my PC for this comming QuakeWars lol! Not really sure yet (e6600 is still expensive). At least my mouse is ready =D

OT: my new game engine is almost done with new rendering code, sound engine and GUI powered by lua scripting. i will keep this update after finishing some errands and hopefully will post a downloadable game sample.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hotmail @ 1gig Storage?

hm... i just noticed lately after having problem visiting hotmail and logging in, i saw this text "1% of 1000MB" instead of "1% of 25MB"?? i'm thinkin their having maintenance for upgrades or reconfiguration. well if this is true then it's about time. i'm just 1 of few guys who uses hotmail as their primary email and even i never use my gmail and yahoo for important mails.

Ok hotmail, how about adding Search Box huh?

cheers for hotmail users!

Friday, November 03, 2006

game engine: AI Basic FSM (Finite State Machine)

i almost totally forgot, actually this has been updated late last month. monster's AI are now more fun to attack rather than standing and waiting to get killed hehehe. FSM includes IDLE, WANDER, EVADE, DEAD.. that's all, i told you it's basic :D. i'm currently workin on revised code of my engine. anyway you can check the screenshots.

hey, one a time please...

kill kill!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


pong! still here., well so far not so good. my brother is still in the hospital for his treatment and sadly it's been almost 2 weeks already. i just need to wait till my little bro get well and back home for me to get back concentrate on my stuff.

i wil be talking about my sound engine using openal+vorbis, crappy razer copperhead mouse, updated engine using shadow volume(stencil) and AI Wisdom book for only P350... on my next post.

keep in touch.