Tuesday, August 29, 2006

game engine: added camera features

i added some camera features to my engine. it supports rotation around the point and panning. check the screenshots.

i'm still developing the character selection, attack sequence and AI part of the monsters. it's not easy as it sound really... i have this regret that i should have tried AI before when i have plenty of time. anyway i'm really exited.

Friday, August 11, 2006

weird disturbances

my sister got robbed by PAL(Philippine Airlines) from her baggage, blackberry phone, cams and other valuable stuffs, yes Philippine Arlines! well long story short on her flight from baltimore to san francisco it's ok to handcarry those stuff, then at PAL check-in they force my sister to put those stuff on her baggage! yes philippine airlines!...last few days i met someone and had a dinner then i realized that im actually wasting my time (sorry)... where are all my good friends oh' yeah they are all busy... yes i already experienced crash accident! - i'm good with a friend but my cousin is not, got minor scratches... i'm still trying to get my mood back on playing guitar coz im already getting suckier (if there is such word)... something tells me what the hell am i still doin here, this is not the kind of job i want!. when i'm home all i want to do is to check my little bro and go to sleep. i'm not sure what's happening but i can say that this year maybe the worst year of my life... sorry i need this stuff to get out of my system and sorry for my english. i'm just trying to figure it out how am suppose to get back in my game. only thing calms me down is to listen music... that's it.

you know i can freak out anytime soon?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

game engine: attacking & realistic turn

just added realistic turn(AI) of characters which comes out really good! check out my new screenshots that shows character attack animation.

normal standing attack position of 2 characters, nothing interesting...

...but this one is! here you can attack while riding your running horse (like rohirims at lord of the rings movie).

this still has plenty of problems that is need to fix, and there are some things i need to prioritize this comming week... i just hope.. even if i loose my momentum continuing my engine, i still be able to catch up without scanning my codes again.