Sunday, February 26, 2012

A very productive week..

...for my game engine, that is.

I was recently motivated and able to finish most of the issues and some remaining features that needs to be added. Here's my update so far:

- Persistent data storage for save games
- Trial and Full mode
- Game interruption handling
- Ad banner placement

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Game Dev Experience as a Hobby

I got this blogging idea while reading tipidpc forum about game development as someone shared his experience and updates to the forum. I want to reply and share on his post but decided to blog instead.

Anyway since I saw someone use Irrlicht, I remember back in the days I made an mmorpg engine and use irrlicht3d for my test client apps. I actually use this prototype to apply for Anino Entertainment and Flipside Games. Got no luck as they actually looking for a game / renderer opengl direct3d guy that time.

With the failure of getting a gamedev job and using Irrlicht code design, they inspired me to start studying Direct3d and write my own first engine (which Irrlicht design still adapted in my XNA engine).