Thursday, March 29, 2007


Well I've been driving since my college days and I even had a car for everyday use. Last few years we just realised that my father needs car more than I do. So he bring the car along at the province for living. Since then I thought driving shouldn't be a big deal. My brother has a car but I barely use it.

Now i'm driving again, having crash course session with my brother and a1 to bring back the feel heheh yes honestly I feel like a noob again. Anyway, you will see me driving my Honda *toooot* hopefully next week ;)


Monday, March 19, 2007

Surelock case

I bought this pedal case last sunday and i must say... it's as nice as boss' bcb60. Besides i bought this very cheap and +discount at JB Stores :D. It has the exact size for the boss pedals although the store displayd only boston pedals in this case which also interest me for trying them. The only thing bother me is the base, it's not metal like the BCB6. Anyway it has plenty of room to put something in it.

Here are the pics.


Open!... with my Boss pedals.

Rakrakan na!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Running projects

I just had this very unpleasant event happen this past few months... it will be easier for me to just put the whole thing behind me.

Well i'm back and will keep you updated.

What's new... i'm currently working on different windowsmobile projects from foreign companies, one from Singapore and one from Denmark. Why not locally? i believe here in Philippines there are like only 1% who knows what the hell is 'windowsmobile'. heheh. I hope it's gamedev project y' know.

Anyway I already managed my time for this project and so far everything still goes into plan.