Thursday, November 08, 2012

Globe Tattoo Postpaid vs Smart Buddy Prepaid

What: Globe Tattoo (Postpaid) vs Smart Buddy (Prepaid)
Where: Potrero, Malabon
When: 7am
How: Unbiased result from CA US server, unlike Globe/Smart server
Who: wins? see for yourself

While doing this blog and uploading image to photobucket, I had to switch my Globe tattoo sim to Smart buddy.


It all started when my Globe Tattoo postpaid drops connection from 3G to 2G/Edge at Grand Emerald Tower along Garnet Ortigas last week. I got frustrated while putting my CRC9 antenna all over the balcony and still end up stucked at 2G/Edge connection... what the fuck globe?

So, I decided to unlock my Huawei E355s-2 / Globe Tattoo Superstick 4G to support all network then bought Smart buddy sim. I was amazed how my Smart buddy is getting good 3G signals in same place.

I went home at Malabon to test both connection... again surprised.

I'll do my test again when I get back to Condo at Ortigas.


Need more time to evaluate both connections before giving up my stupid globe postpaid.

Hey Globe Telecoms! I don't need your high bandwidth offers, I need decent signals!

UPDATE: Globe Tattoo Postpaid vs Smart Buddy Prepaid (Part 2)


  1. daniel9:40 AM


    maybe caused by heavily congested network.

    Think tank? hell no!

  2. Anonymous5:39 PM

    yung bilis ng connection ng isang isp ay hindi masusukat sa speedtest....

    maybe try mo post for both isp
    screentshot idm - grab ka ng isang video sa youtube

    dyan makikita mo talaga

    1. I fully agree with you but you didn't get my point. I'm not comparing the speed of both ISP at full max connection, but instead I'm comparing them both from where I usually use my 3G modem (eg. malabon & pasig).

      Like I said in my post, my Globe having trouble getting good signal (stable 3G) so what's the point of comparing Globe's 2G/edge vs Smart's 3G/HSDPA? Pretty obvious who's faster in grabbing youtube.

  3. Anonymous8:30 PM

    sorry po, may comment is based on your post

    "How: Unbiased result from CA US server, unlike Globe/Smart server
    Who: wins? see for yourself"

    1. Anonymous8:33 PM

      i got it
      mananalo nga for sure si smart kasi "may trouble" yung globe

      like boxing - yung isa may pilay ang kamay at yung isa walang pilay

    2. @Anonymous 8:30PM
      Actually, most user run their speedtest on their respective telecom server (Globe = Globe, Smart = Smart). To get the proper speed from speedtest like almost in real world surfing, randomly select a server from the US/EU.

      @Anonymous 8:33PM
      Yes mey trouble ang Globe... for almost 3weeks? Maintentance? That's not acceptable!

    3. Anonymous5:21 PM

      so same din car mo, if may maintenance, not acceptable?
      pc maintenance, not acceptable?
      cellphone/smartphone maintenance, not acceptable?

    4. Ok fine let's put it this way, kung pina-service ko sa Honda kotse ko and usually 1 week max lang, then... pagkatawag ko 1 week di pa rin tapos, 2 weeks, 3 weeks wala parin. Acceptable? OF COURSE NOT!!!

      Ok, you just sound like stupid. Think first before you post... whoever you are.

    5. @Anonymous 5:21 PM

      STFU, we know how much you love your globe but doesn't mean it works for all of us.

  4. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Dude pde malaman panu mo na unlock ung usb wifi mo galing sa globe? Do email me at maraming salamat -

  5. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Bakit kasi pinagcompare and Postpaid at Prepaid. Ang Globe at ang Smart. Gusto niyo matapos gulo niyo. Maaghanap kayo ng nakaline na Smart at nakaline na Globe dun kayo magspeedtest, nasa Philippines tayo. Tapos binanatan mo ng US. Wala naman dun yung ISP nasa Philippines lang. I'm just defending Globe kasi malamang signal ang problema mo jan. Dito kasi sa "Province" kung gusto mo din lang ng palayuan ng testing area mo, Smart ang laging walang signal even in mobile sir. Try mo magfb dito ng smart mo at globe. Sinasabi ko na sayo smart walang signal yung globe free fb pa lang meron na. Kaya nga nagpalit ako ng ISP ko eh. Ang bagal kaya ng smart. It goes like this sir dito lang sa location ko. Globe>PLDT>Smart and Sun. Just a comment from an anonymous person. Also i'm not those other anonymous persons, this is my one and only comment on this post.

    1. "Tapos binanatan mo ng US. Wala naman dun yung ISP nasa Philippines lang."

      Ok i'll rest my case, you need to become internet savvy to understand why speedtest is always best to test in US not in their own server.