Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

We just spent our Christmas at home, everything seems to be great and only thing is that my sister is spending her Christmas at US. Anyway, all our attention was given to my little bro Kevin and so happy to open all his gifts. My mom got a new Samsung phone from me! =D and was surprised as well, great food, bro and me played dota till morning hehe.

again, Merry Christmas... Advance Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Game Engine: GUI / New Game AI Books!

I'm quite busy this days and it does really affect my game engine progress. But anyway i'm still aiming to finish my first game engine Q1 of next year.

I just finished my basic GUI engine that is powered by lua scripting. GUI includes Panel/Parent Window, Cursor, Editbox, Button, Label, Checkbox, and Progressbar. Can modify it's color, texture, position, size, border(some) etc...

I think that's enough for now since i already covers most GUI controls that can bee seen in most games. Here are the screenshots:

I might go back to AI for a while... i just bought 2 books from the internet. Programming Game AI by Example by Mat Buckland and AI Game Engine Programming by Brian Schwab. I've already read some parts and i think it will help my engine to become more modular and systematic. I just wonder at first why these 2 books somehow have their own approaches in creating game AI... and just realized AI by Example is more beginner approach and AI Game Engine is for intermediate to advance which is kind of releif. I don't want to waste money for 2 beginner books. Well i can't really decide what book buy at first hehehe... so i bought both! They have really good reviews y'know. Can't wait to try them out.

Cheers all! and Advance Merry Christmas!