Saturday, May 19, 2007

Phenomenal acoustic guitar sounding

If you never heard of Rodrigo y Gabriela's songs then i think you better watch some youtube videos of their live performances. They are extraordinary I never heard of that kind of music before which by the way has similar sound to flamenco but in modern way.
From start to 2:24 are my favorite parts.

I really love their music besides i'm on my way now to grab their cd includes 'Tamacun', 'Diablo Rogo' and 'Orion'... they are my favorites. I have their mp3 downloaded (sorry guys - can't help it) but my car only plays CD. I might buy their live DVD if there is.

Am I only one that has an impression like all mexicans are good in playing acoustic guitar? and Gabriela is HOT?

I would be happy if i can aquire like 1% or their skills. Maaan... never thought my acoustic guitar can be played this way.

Weeee... now my fingers starting to hurt :-(

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Verifone Manila Summer Outing

Our outing was held yesterday (May 13) at the Ensenada Beach Resort, Puerto Galera. It was fun, good, not great... I'm expecting something which is not there and silly games waste my time! yet somehow fun.

Other great stuff i saw while at the boat goin back to the bus... at least 15 dolphins like goin to our opposite direction. I'm afraid that will be my first and last time.

Now I just got home already, bummed out as usual. My phone's battery is drained, tomorrow is election day... also stupid day (yeah, governmet here in philippines is like fiesta carnival - think about it) and today is mother's day!

Happy Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Getting busy...

I'm good, trying to get busy as possible.

Besides a friend of mine (whos been in gym for quite some time now) encouraged me to join him and sign up together for 3mo unlimited sessions promo at slimmers world so I did... yes it's a promo only for april. I already started, planned regularly and interestingly looking foreward to see what happen to me after a month. Y'know their stuff is too heavy? lol. I only have 2x15 dumbels and push-up bars at home and using them very often.

It's not planned all of the sudden, Ive been thinkin this over a year now. I just don't know how and where to start. It's all about health y'know and I kinda need it.

coding stuff:
I already have my multiplayer/network engine ready to be plugged at my game engine in no time!

video stuff:
Heroes rocks! can't wait to watch the episode 20 after work :D

games stuff:
Playing WOW together with my 2 adik friends.

work stuff:
Bored... I'm just waiting for the sign again if it's time ;-). Yeah, right now I'm blogging, see?

music stuff:
My mood is to listen alternative rock and akustiks music. Hmm... it's been a while since the last time i listen to dreamtheater and joe satriani songs.

guitar stuff:
I've been playing/singin "Hwag Nalang Kaya" and "Kung OK Lang Sayo" by True Faith. I already played the songs since HS but I tend to forgot chords.

missing stuff?

That's all, ciao!