Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Building an Atom 330 Server PC

Here are some of my insights...

I'm building one for my 24/7 server like web, ftp, NAS, my-game-server and torrent of course.

I read somewhere that atom is 200%+ much faster than p4 2.8ghz when doing mysql queries (a big plus for my project)... P4 is what i really plan to build in the first place but i change my mind.

It's not a plus but it looks cool hehehe. I found out that it can run 4 threads at a time at full speed. you can check that there are 4 cores registered on the OS. It's dual core with hyperthreading.

I do really love the size!

I'm just renting and paying on my own. Obviously low power consuming pc is a big plus for me. Full setup of Atom only draws 30-40 watts of power instead of lowend c2d pc are using 50-80 watts.

Someone might wonder.. nope this is not going to be my desktop pc. I wil still use my quaddy for multimedia, encoding, games, surf chat etc..

I might add internal tv tuner + blue ray drive (if it's supported) + mediacenter for htpc slash server but that is too much for now hehe.

(I'm putting this post on Gamedev category. This is going to be my test game-server for public use.)

That's all for now, cheers!


  1. MrValdez5:41 PM

    >This is going to be my test game-server for public use.

    This is gonna be cool. Don't forget to put me in your tester list. *grin*

  2. Though I'm still busy at work but sure! I think I can make 1 game this time.