Sunday, September 30, 2012

Torchlight 2 is a better Diablo game than Diablo 3

Just installed the game this morning (Yep you read it right!) and I must say that overall better gameplay than Diablo 3 and probably more than just an eyecandy that Diablo 3 has to offer.

For me why Torchlight 3 is a better Diablo game than Diablo 3? Bear with me, this is just my first day playing this game...

  • Soundtracks -- Diablo 2 sounding at it's best! it really brings back the memories while playing Diablo 2 like I almost cried just listening to the music.
  • No internet access required -- thank God, finally! should I explain more? Typically this game will load faster because of no authentication from the host needed.
  • Skill trees -- more diverse, character flexibility. Kinda missed the feeling of Diablo 2 days where being stucked on deciding what skill should I put my points on. Lol.
  • Interesting maps -- I feel more like exploring the map rather than looking for the exits or next levels or very linear like Diablo 3. Oh yes, map is randomized!
  • Consumables especially Rejuvination potions -- fuck yeah! I kinda missed this potion when I started playing Diablo 3.
  • More socketable items -- true build diversity, unlike you always see in Diablo 3.
  • Save game state -- no map reset you already explored, location, everything! What really feels like in a single player game.
  • $20 vs $60 -- what more could you ask for? it's 3x cheaper!
  • Good for Eyefinity setup (3x full hd monitors) -- works perfectly! I could open all UI from left and right (spells, inventories, etc) while playing, unlike Diablo 3 that graphics on the screen edges shown missing textures or floors that will force you just use your single monitor.

Graphics is ok and to be honest not as great as Diablo 3 but it's very forgiving on my laptop so I give them both a tie.

How about farming?

Though, I haven't reached high level yet but I guess this game won't really suggest you to farm like hell as Diablo 3 as it won't benefit you from getting gold or real money... more like you will be forced to play moderately. Of course it depends what kind of play you want in this game like finishing, farming, moding, cheating, etc. It's all up to you.

Anyway, for those who haven't tried the game yet... this game is addicting and one of the best RPG PC game to date.

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