Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Thesis: which is more important, UNIQUE IDEA or FINISH PRODUCT?

I read somewhere in TPC regarding Thesis topic...

"Tulad ng sinabi ng Prof ko.. hindi bawal magpagawa ng Thesis and wala sila pakelam kahit malaman nila na pinagawa nyu un..

Ang mahalaga its your idea and you are the Pioneer on that thesis."

Sorry but my opinion is different.

On his first statement, for me it is illegal to the school plus you'll never learn how to make a finish product. Second statement, if they know idea is more important then why didn't they just grade the student in their thesis design proposal and done with the project? -- they can't! they still want the finish product!

In real world after you graduate... design is just part of the plan, more important are the final product then the execution of business plan. In consideration, the application for patent design is painfully expensive plus you don't really get profit from it (unless you have lots of money and start trolling around like what Apple is doing).

Pioneering yes but that is very rare to happen. I think the schools should start accepting the fact that copying other ideas as your basis is OK if you put some "other" unique ideas into it because that's where real innovation kicks in.

Eg. Inventory System -> Network Inventory System -> Online/Centralize Inventory System -> Open Inventory Hosting System (Lease Plan) -> etc...

That's the reality on what's happening in today's I.T. industry. Those who can produce the product will always win, not just the "idea".

Let me here your thoughts too...

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