Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nokia Lumia 920 hangups / unresponsive fixed in Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview

Yes, I said it in the title of my blog: Nokia Lumia 920 hangups fixed in Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview! or was it accidental?

The thing is since the update of Windows Phone 8.1 I started to get intermittent hangups. I thought the hangups was all software issue but it turns out the OS works fine and the camera using the dedicated camera button but the screen doesn't so I suspect a hardware issue. Then it got worst after succeeding WP8.1 updates like it hangs every few hours of use until I stopped using the phone and just leave it on my table collecting dust.

Out of the blue I wanted to test the Windows 10 mobile but decided to use Lumia 920 not on my main device. So I've done a quick charge, connect to wifi and quickly download the technical preview, and continue the process before the phone starts to hang again. I have nothing to loose anyway if it bricks. Anyway the phone successfully update my OS after hours of wait.

Played around the new OS a bit then suddenly got busy. After a day not using it I realized my Lumia 920 is still responding as normal phone. Naaah this can't be right... so I stressed the phone by putting a SIM card, enable Wifi, play music, enable location, map browsing and random games at the same time. Wow no hangs! What makes it more awesome is that I observed the phone for another 3 days as my normal use and it seems the device is stable unexpectedly.

This is so awesome that it feels like I got a new phone! --well also because of a new Windows 10 mobile experience :) Already on my 1st week of testing with no hangups and hoping for permanent stability as I really really love this phone.

I wanted to note that this is only based from my experience but if you have a buggy Lumia 920, you might just want to try Windows 10 mobile as well before fully deciding to throw your phone into the trash.

Anyway wish me luck! and you too!

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