Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Some reason why sales of windows phone is down each year

I see a lot of issues during early windows phone development that creates a bad impressions and from what I believe it affects growing number of apps. Let's face it, isheeps and fandroids sees number of apps dictates the quality of the product.

- During wp7, d3d/c++ can be used only by OEM partners, so if you are an indie then you are pretty much stuck in dead end xna and besides lots of c++ ios/androids game developers cannot see their code to be ported in c#.

- They can't make up their mind with their dev kits. eg. silverlight, xaml, uwp, then recently newly acquired xamarin and so on. I remember I ask myself before what's wrong with WinForms?

- Country exclusivity in monetization payouts. I have to created a new account named to my sister in US.

- Dev subscription based model as expensive as Apple... I mean seriously?

- Bad effect of Windows 8 start screen that builds hate to MS.

- Lack of marketing.

Of course now it's looking good with Windows 10, UWP, enables all developers to use d3d/c++, cheap and 1 time payment dev subscription, payout open for more countries, etc. If these things were fixed early I believe WP should have doubles the apps by now and already captured the 20% of mobile marketshare.

Right now I think MS should replace their marketing heads. Good example is WP devices are nowhere to be seen here in SG even in big IT shows happens 4x a year. They are loosing customers everyday.

My opinion only :)

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